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ANTIQUES Auction - Saturday, September 12, 2020 - 8:30 AM

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Saturday, September 12, 2020 – 8:30 am
To be held at 4401 Philadelphia Ave, Chambersburg PA 17202
4 miles North of Chambersburg, along Rte 11

FURNITURE: 2 pc step back cupboard; cherry chest; hutch top dry sink; oak ice box; blanket chests; inlaid mirror; mortised bench; early house door frame, ect

“America AD 1923, Keystone, Diamond, Star, Cross, “God For Liberty”, anvil; emblem “truth”, Moon, Sun, Arm, “Labor”, horse, horseshoe, “Virtue”, “By Industry We Thrive”, “In God We Trust”

Reading Standard cycle wood wheel bicycle; 1800’s wood tricycle; Studebaker Junior wood box wagon; cabinet maker made walnut backboard pony wagon; tricycles; cast iron toys; childs rocker; wooden sleds; doll buggy w/parasole; toy fire truck; Lionel Train station; Hubley Harley motorcycles; solar cycle lamp w/box; etc etc

Early stove plate; lanterns; Columbia Graphaphone; walnut spice box; slant top box; dress sword; Springfield M6 Survival 22/410; percussion pistols; inlaid dressing mirror; baskets; wire measure; rope maker; lot of small badges/medals – York Fire Dept, Waynesboro; Peidmont cigarette porcelain sign chair; brass bells; buggy lanterns; cherry mantel clock; childs QA style farm table; early copper-tin pcs; postcards; small advertising pcs; BLACKSMITH FURNACE; peg led vises; trammels; early tools; cast iron bell; 4 CI fire box pedestals; and irons; Occupational shaving mugs; 1900 fish lures; 1854 travel guide; Geiser/Pen Mar RR; old tins; Blitzen Benz photo; old kitchen pcs; Iron dog door stops; dome top boxes; 1860’s Fractional currency; beaded cushion w/US flag; German pencil sharpener; History books; 1919 search light; fire dept pcs; iron banks; Western Union enamel call box; old keys; much much more


Terms: Cash, good check
Carl E. Ocker - Auctioneer AU2425-L
Kenny’s Auction 717-264-6578 Auction Zip ID # 1421
VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.kennysauction.com see pictures on website
SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

2. RALSTON GOLD ORE, FIREMAN – 25TH Annual convention Cumberland June 13-15, 1917, PRR Veteran Ass. Phila, SHIPS WHEEL
3. 2) Vigilant Steam & Chemical Fire Engin Co, York, PA, No 1 1780, 1907 L.E.L. 427 Smith St, York, PA – City Hotel, York, PA -60; American Legion, York, PA Aug 19-21, 1957
5. Greencastle and Antrim “OLD HOME WEEK” August 17-22, 1908
6. Waynesboro 100th Anniv. Civil War token – Member KKK; 2 crossed Civil War bayonets; Wallace/Nixon; George Wallace
7. Gately & Britton, Reading, PA; Safety guide; Keystone Automobile Club; Elliott Fisher The Bookkeeping Machine – State of Pennsylvania – Hell Drivers Lucky Piece; Lucky Jeter – World Champion
8. Dauphin Co. Centennial 1785-1885 – Constitutional Centennial Philadelphia 1887
9. Wings Over the Pole – Airplane – Snake – Franklin Roosevelt
10. The Beery School of Horsemanship – Frog, 2 horse heads
11. Magcobar Mud Weight oil well drilling
12. Caterpillar - Marion – Mack – McCormick Deering Farm Machinery – Lorain – Chrysler
13. Willys – Overland Silver Anniversary 1907-1932 – George Washington Bicentennial 1732-1932
14. 1906 Calendar Keystone Laundry Co, Allegheny PA
15. E.J.J. Gobrecht Television, Hanover, PA
16. 3 Valentines
17. 3 postcards – Jessie the cow with human skin – Hiram The largest horse in the world
18. American Red Cross bag – Army patch bag
19. WWI Australian shoulder pin given Nov 20 1918 to an American Naval Officer
20. Fire Department 120, Pittsburgh 1929 50th Convention Penn State Fireman Assoc photo
21. Brass US Army match safe; Military match safe; 1873 military button
22. Dbl barrel percussion pistol – steel percussion single pistol bullet mold, Civil War bullet
23. Vacuum Oil Co. No 1 Marine Engine oil match safe – the “New Way” air cooled engine pocket mirror
24. Cast iron “Knight” cap gun - Lion cap gun
25. O. Parker 1874 match safe; Dietz Lanterns, Camel-Happy Thoughts
26. Tin pail registered U.S. Patent Office, June 6, 1876
27. Clothes belt w/swastika
28. Bone knife handles, Indian? Carved bone piece; bone handle bleeder
29. Dough hoe, sugar scoop, wood clothes pin
30. 9 Halloween cards
31. Mumper/Plunk Dry Goods, Dillsburg, PA 4 in 1 1918 Forster jar opener
32. Bottle openers – Gunther, Suburban, Hanover Wire Cloth, Hanlin Beer, 9 Waynesboro/Hagerstown Pokes
33. Trainman, Laborer, Penn Hardware, York, CAT buckle, scout buckle, The Home Knife
34. E.V. Brown School pin, Bakelite army tank pencil sharpener, Peoples clothing, Hagerstown, candy spoons; Fountain sodas
35. Princess Novelty Stove Co, mirror, Feeding calculator for babies, Hines Farm Dairy cup lifter, etc
36. Baspoon #130, Snelled hooks #210, King Fisher rig; Hummer Spinner-Hayes Bass Bug Co. Pflueger Luminous Tandem 1946 PA Fish License, N.A. Hunting Club
37. Myall Ladies razor
38. Naughty Dog
39. 1854 Phelps Travelers Guide Through the United States
40. Geiser Mfg Co, Ford, B&O RR, Pen Mar RR
41. Waynesboro Academy South Waynesboro
42. 5 Hollywood Beauties cards
43. Black Rock Razor sharpener, Owings Bros, York, PA Weber Slate ink saucer
44. Childs plank seat rocker
45. String instrument
46. 1825 Schuylkill County printed fracture
47. Uncle Stephney’s Oyster House, Annapolis, MD
48. Skor-It a Game of Skill Bagatelle Baseball
49. “For the Cause of Liberty’, Washington Lincoln Wilson Decker Tea Company, Waynesboro, PA
50. Bob Burman Driving the Blitzen Benz Record 141.73 mph Polorine Oil, Grease & Transmission lubricants
51. Stone mason occupational mug
52. Masonic shaving mug
53. Fireman Shaving mug
54. Small hinge sets, key schunchon
55. 8 Folding/slide rules
56. Frank Feather, Franklin Co, PA folk carved cane with handle – “America AD 1923” Keystone, Diamond, Star, Cross, “God For”, “Liberty”, anvil, emblem, “Truth”, Moon, Sun, Arm, “Labor”, horse, horseshoe, “Virture”, “By Industry We Thrive”, “In God We Trust”
57. Slant lid box with till, old finish, signed William MCCreary on back
58. Wicker doll carriage all original
59. 3 gallon blue decorated jar as is
60. Blue decorated pot, as is
61. Tin spice set – old blue paint
62. Gilcrest #31 brass ice cream dipper/1893 Enterprise brass ice shaver
63. All Metal products Co toy cap gun, Knickerbocker toy pistol
64. 3 food choppers
65. “Official Playground ball 392 Horsehide”, cricket ball
66. Griswald #262 Crispy Corn or Wheat stick pan
67. Blacksmith heart shape trivet
68. Basso knife
69. “The Columbian Graphophone” 1897
70. Matched pair C. Cowle buggy lamps
71. No #1 Mason & Dixon’s Survey 1768 Official No.4 copy of
72. Keystone ware lantern
73. Dietz Square lift lantern
74. Brass Perko – Perkins Marine Lamps & Howe Co
75. Dietz Beacon Dash lamp
76. Cast iron bull dog door stop
77. Cast Iron cat door stop
78. Cast iron Shephard dog door stop
79. Cast iron Hubley – Harley Davidson toy motorcycle
80. Two mold glass stein w/pewter top w/ hand carved brass insert plate of a hunter and his dog
81. Candle wick trimmer, candle snuffer
82. 2 early candle snuffers
83. Walnut dove tailed slide lid spice box
84. Peg leg pine stools (original finish)
85. Stuffed owl
86. Copper top hat – stamped with bucks head, dovetailed
87. Horn powder flask, brass eagle powder flask
88. Brass monkey candle holder
89. Small pine dome top box
90. Early leather covered dome top box
91. Bullion bank, Washington DC Dec 2 1862 – Two .25 cents Fractional currency
92. American Bank Note, New York, United States 10 cents March 3, 1863, Columbian Bank, DC United States 10 cents 1874
93. 4 Confederate States of America Richmond, VA $2, $5, $5, $50
94. C.S. Loan of 1861 Confederate States of America – Four Dollars; 3 Confederate States of America Richmond VA $2, $10, $100
95. Knights Templer Dress Sword Ivory handle, William W. Pennell
96. Bunny Kar tricycle
97. Benchmade Pumpkin pine stool
98. 1900 Beaded cushion with bird
99. 1900 beaded cushion with US flags
100. 2 wood field knife holders
101. Bench made miniature of Southern Sugar chest
102. Guhl & Harbeck, Hamburg, Germany Favor Ruhl & Co, NY, Pencil pointer, Jupiter, N
103. History of the Valley of Virginia by Samuel Kercheval 1902
104. The Omwakes of Indian Spring Farm 1926
105. Franklin County, Pennsylvania History 1905
106. Walking with Spring on the Appalachian Trail by Earl V. Shaffer
107. Amsco doll baby bottles in granite warmer
108. Diamond #320 Focusing Beam Search Light 1919
109. McGill High Speed coin changer, J.L. Galef, N.Y.
110. Mount Union Fire Dept No. 1 brass marker
111. Valentines – cat squeaker, black cat, camel
112. 12 Valentines
113. 12 Valentines, mechanical – squeaker
114. 30 Valentines
115. Royal Flush Billboard Match Ford Tractor, Ferguson L.M. McGeorge, Healys, VA
116. H.L. Mills Chambersburg, PA Phone – 194 workers hat
117. Photo plates of Little Cove & Monterey Schools, B.F. Hartman
118. Civil War – Farmers moving from Chambersburg toward Susquehanna
119. Flags of the Nation which participated in the Centennial Exhibition of the United States 1876
120. 2 figural thermometers
121. Cast iron string hold
122. Cast iron safe bank
123. Cast iron building bank
124. Kodak 50th Anniversary camera 1930
125. Favorite stoves, Goodrich tires, Mizpah gum, Persian Quick loader
126. Solar cycle lamp – original box
127. Western Union porcelain/enamel call box
128. Tin The Peoples Nation Bank, Waynesboro, PA
129. Snow White & Pop Eye dime banks
130. Devil Dog alarm
131. 5 Schrader tire gauges
132. La Palina brass humidor, Browns mule, Schnapps
133. 12 iron keys
134. Magnifier
135. 2 brass nut crackers
136. Pr iron WWI soldier bookends
137. 1918 PA vehicle registration cards
138. 1912 Maryland State Grange Fair, Taneytown, MD, 1909 Frederick Fair
139. 1908 York County, 1911 Hanover Fair
140. Tightly woven rye straw basket

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